The allure of gold, in banknote form.

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Gold & Banknote design.

From the beginning, Independent Currencies has been exploring the possibilities of merging precious metals with banknotes. Paper money has often served as a stand-in for real gold. New technologies open doors to innovative hybrid banknotes.

Gold Currency Timeline

Gold bearer instruments first produced in 2013, as cash-like bills infused with pure gold. 

DGX launches in 2018, the first gold-backed digital token.

USG launches in Dubai, in 2020 – a digital token physically backed 1-1 by American Eagles.

BRICS announces the launch of a new gold-backed digital currency in 2023.


Our first experiment into the world of commodity-backed cash was a series of 12 concepts. The series was intended to showcase the range of commodity-backed tokens available at the time. It also introduced the idea of physically-backed bearer instruments for a range of commodity markets, simplifying ‘physical delivery’.


Two ‘gold’ NFTs were released in 2020 on the SuperRare platform. This introduced the idea of ‘gold-backed’ artwork, merging physical art, precious metals, and ERC-20 NFTs.

Designing For Gold

The emergence of banknotes came from their use as receipts for gold. Thanks to modern technology, its now possible to create cash-like gold bearer instruments. Independent Currencies is at the cutting edge of exploring this exciting new territory in money.

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