What can banknote design do for cryptocurrency?

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Crypto & Banknote design.

From the first paper wallet, merging cryptocurrency and cash has been a consistent idea in blockchain. Cash offers ease of use, familiarity, no on-boarding, and a universally recognized visual and physical signal of value – all things that could benefit cryptocurrency.

But appropriate design requires deep knowledge of the crypto ecosystem, its unique culture and cliques. More importantly, it requires a solid understanding of user experience. Independent Currencies has been engaged in blockchain banknotes since its inception, and is at the cutting edge of banknote design for crypto.

Physical Cryptocurrency

Bitaddress.org becomes the first paper wallet generator in 2011.

Casascius coins (physical Bitcoins) created by Mike Caldwell in 2011.

BIP-38 allows password encryption for physical wallets in 2013.

Offline.Cash creates the world’s first ‘Bitcoin bills’, designed by Independent Currencies, in 2021.

Noteworthy launches their own ‘Bitcoin banknotes’, with a similar technology as Offline.Cash, also in 2021.


Designing For Bitcoin

Bitcoin is freedom. Bitcoin is unwieldy. Bitcoin is financial self-sufficiency. Bitcoin is a statement. Independent Currencies is intimately aware of the brand of Bitcoin, and how to design for the world’s original cryptocurrency.

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Designing For Ethereum

Ether is amorphous, non-binary, pastel, whimsical, fun, but also rigorously coded, earning its place in high finance. We work confidently with the many sides of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Designing For Ripple

Ripple is a polarizing technology, contradicting many of the original tenants of crypto dogma. Yet, its use-case as a payments system is a undeniable. Independent Currencies isn’t afraid to explore design possibilities for this contended Altcoin.

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