Ripple is a polarizing technology, contradicting many of the original tenants of crypto dogma. Yet, its use-case as a payments system is a undeniable. Independent Currencies isn’t afraid to explore design possibilities for this contended Altcoin.

The core of XRP (Ripple) is based around its expected function in the global financial system. Because of this, it is a polarizing feature of cryptocurrency. Crypto is accompanied by a degree of dogma and ideology that is aligned against the central banking model. The idea that a cryptocurrency could be actively used by a central bank would seem to usurp the original intent of a decentralized, distributed ledger financial system. Yet, XRP is a candidate to achieve just that: interoperability between crypto and mainstream finance.

For this reason, Independent Currencies is open to exploring the XRP brand and ecosystem. What is the story and brand of XRP, and how can it be communicated? In our opinion, banknote design, fiduciary design, and security printing is perfectly placed for a cryptocurrency that is potentially difficult to use, and could play a role in everyday money. After all, ease of daily use is cash’s main selling point.

“Each altcoin has its story, and it’s up to the designer to uncover it. And there is always a story, by default… the banknote designer’s job is to unearth something serious, weighty, and authentic.”

From ART & MONEY, Tom Badley

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