The design of currency is our core speciality. We have extensive knowledge of both the visual trends and techniques of banknote design, and how to use them to compliment a range of use cases.

Independent Currencies’ core offer is security document design, which includes banknote production, as well as other printed documents. Independent Currencies was founded with the mission to make banknote design available to alternative markets where security and aesthetics are high priorities.

In addition, designing currency has taught us about other - more commonplace - aspects of visual communication, such as logos, branding, typography, artwork, linear design, story telling, user interface, and user experience. How? Because banknote design involves the refinement of all of these areas. So it’s through the niche of money design that we’re qualified to take on any aspect of visual design. In turn, we treat all projects in the same way, using our reliable Strategy process to ensure good results.

To compliment our design, we can deliver a finished currency product by interfacing with many security printers around the world. Additionally, we offer some in-house print process, such as artisanal intaglio printing.

To date, we have successfully completed projects for individuals and organizations in banking, blockchain, media and education.

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