Independent Currencies offers its design services wherever cash is needed, in whatever form. We offer ways to elevate the brand of alt currencies, regardless of the budget.

The name ‘Independent Currencies’ was originally inspired by a song, called ‘Declare Independence’. This song relates to a group of people who want to secede from their country. In one line of the song, the singer says “start your own currency”. It’s intuitive, but an essential part of declaring independence is to start your own currency.

We are seeing an accelerating trend in secession across the world. Starting with the breakup of the USSR, the trend has been a consistent feature of global politics, in spite of attempts to consolidate countries into blocs or unions. The secession trend is mirrored on the local level, with the rise of local currencies, traded in small pockets globally.

Independent Currencies often works at the ‘edge of money’, where a new currency is to be created. Alternative currencies may be in the form of cash, or they may not. In whatever form, money needs to be trusted. Being specialists in banknote design, we can create visual design that communicates the trust and gravitas that new currencies need. We can also offer a range of print options.

One of the biggest obstacles of new currencies is the budget. We’re conscious of this, and try to accommodate all budgets, whilst delivering high quality design.

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