Ether is amorphous, non-binary, pastel, whimsical, fun, but also rigorously coded, earning its place in high finance. We work confidently with the many sides of the Ethereum ecosystem.

It has been said that Ethereum is silver to Bitcoin’s gold. But is this true? In reality, if we think of Bitcoin as heavy gold, then Ethereum is a rainbow. In other words, Ethereum is a consolidated beam of light that splits into a multitude of sub-ecosystems, all interoperable with each other. This multifaceted, multifunctional, and amorphous aspect of Ethereum is a key part of its brand, and something to be mindful of when designing.

Ethereum owes a lot to its role a facilitaror of art on the blockchain. More digital art has been tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain than any other. This gives it a both a complex visual language, and an acquired weightiness.

“…integral to the Ethereum story is something that started as somewhat throwaway, to a kind of patron facilitator of the art world. Around the time that NFTs began to be bought and sold at serious auction houses, and Ethereum’s gas fees were pricing out small-time artists, I remarked that Ethereum had become the Platinum American Express card of crypto. What was once light and quick, had become heavy and part of the world of trad finance.”

From ART & MONEY, Tom Badley

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