‘Strategy’ is our process for creating coherent design. The Strategy process creates a strong concept to ensure minimal redo. We’ve honed this process through years of experience, to achieve the best results.

How we work: we don’t guess or speculate. Every project is different and everyone wants to achieve something specific to them. We are interested in uncovering the unique story in each project, and how to tell this story with great design. To do this, we use Strategy - a conversation, with leading questions and answers.

The only goal of our Strategy process is to construct a Creative Brief - nothing more. A Creative Brief isn’t a vague description of an end product, or a collection of words that is open to interpretation. A real Creative Brief is crafted from exploring very specific goals and routes to achieving them. Only when the Creative Brief is finished do we attempt any design work.

Sometimes the process is rigorous, sometimes it’s easy. But over time, Independent Currencies has perfected the process, to ensure design is well aligned. More importantly, it helps to prevent the dreaded re-do of designs, which can be time-consuming and costly. The benefits of having a solid foundation of Strategy creates cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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